Welcome to Trilobite Software!

We are a Swedish web studio that focuses on the development of software, games, websites and branding. We are customer-oriented and always try our best effort to create top notch products that come up to your expectations and preferences. Here, at Trilobite Software, we design websites using readymade frameworks and website builders. We also work on complicated projects, like software apps and games of different genres that are in demand with users nowadays. Our team consists of qualified web designers with years of experience in the niche. All the factors contribute to the efficacy of our work and high quality of products we offer to our clients!

Our Services

Website Creation

We create different types of websites for your personal and business use. Our websites are so functional and appealing that they are frequently used as samples by reputable and popular blogs. We also give useful advice how to create a website free of cost in order to try if you could repeat our works.

Software Development

We develop projects of different complexity levels and we know how to succeed at this. We have already created lots of mobile apps, digital projects, software programs, interface designs as well as UI and UX designs.

Landing Page Development

Trilobite Software experts create the best selling landing pages for your effective business promotion. This is the surefire way to convert your visitors into returning customers. Whatever landing page you need, you will surely get it here.

Game Development

Contemporary world is unthinkable without games of different genres. This is one of the directions we work in. We are aware of the latest trends and news in the gaming industry and that is why, the games we create are always popular with the gaming fans. We know how to ensure stunning gaming experience and we never stop at our achievements!


We design logos and brand styles to make your business recognizable on the web. Our web developers bear personal responsibility for the projects they work on, ensuring quality realization and best result.

Why Us?

  1. We always work with our clients’ interests and success in mind .
  2. We can get the most out of your web design ideas .
  3. We have over 8 years of experience in the market .
  4. We use different web building tools to achieve decent results (the use of website builders, for example, will work better for small business development, because many of them are used for a specific goal, like real estate website builders that make it possible to create a real estate agency website from scratch in the most effective way) .
  5. We don’t focus on design only, but we also aim at increasing conversion rates and boosting your business .
  6. We can cope with projects of diverse complexity levels .
  7. We use individual approach to each project, ensuring maximum professionalism and quality .
  8. We are a team of experts, who bear responsibility for the result .


Taxi Advisor

This is a convenient and useful application that can be used to compare taxi prices charged by different taxi companies in your location. It is designed with users’ needs and comfort in mind. You can specify the location, see the prices offered by the services you are interested in and even order a taxi on the go. The app is very functional and helps save users’ time and effort.


This application makes it possible to measure radiation levels in any location you are in. It shows the radiation level you are currently exposed to and notifies you about its changes and the hazard (if any). The results are displayed on the screen and you can track the numbers any time of the day to feel safe and comfortable.


NATLEX is a program, which translates words between Swedish and English using several online dictionaries. The app will come in handy to the tourists visiting both countries as well as for everyone, who has the intention to study these languages and use them for business or personal needs.


We have developed brand design for SkyDesign - interior design studio that sees its mission in creating stunning interior designs for homes and offices. The brand style reflects the major goals of the studio and its light approach to the projects they work on. The brand style is remarkable and memorable, which is a benefit both for clients and studio owners.

Rebranding for ARIO Law Company

The owners of ARIO Law Company hired us to develop a new brand style for them, because the previous one was outdated and did not reflect the essence of the company. The new corporate logo has become much more dynamic, modern and stylish, highlighting the company's energy and goal orientation. We have changed the color scheme, which simplified the visual perception of the website. This has made the brand more recognizable and unique.


The brand style of the ™ Solarband creates positive impression and reveals the essence of the company. We have designed the logo and the corporate style elements for the company. It manufactures quality sunglasses and accessories. The brand style looks cheerful and bright, while the logo is the vivid representation of the company focus.

Website Development

Our web studio considers the needs of a client a priority. We take care of each project and use individual approach to the process of development. When it comes to creating a website, we try to follow the unified plan that comprises several stages, namely:

  • Brief Composition (the stage that is needed to find out the goals and expectations of a client)
  • Project Planning (the process of selecting the most suitable website structure, layout, templates etc.)
  • Design (the process of creating website style and design)
  • Development (the process that involves the technical aspect of website creation, filling it with content and testing the readymade website)
  • Maintenance (ensuring quality work of the website, absence of errors that may affect users’ impression and fixing the bugs)

Meet Our Team

Trilobite Software is a Sweden-based web studio, which sees its mission in the development of high quality software, games, websites and branding. The company was founded 8 years ago as a small web studio, which primarily focused on game development. In less than three years, it turned into a well-known company with lots of satisfied clients and partners across the globe. We cooperate with experts from abroad, who specialize in 3D modeling, projecting, web design and illustration. As of today, we are concerned with your business promotion and try our best effort to complete projects of any complexity level. We are eager to boost your business!

Brian Graham

Founder/Art Director

Brian is the person, who was the first to found Trilobite Software in 2009. Having worked as a web designer after the graduation from the university, he has the firsthand knowledge of how to cope with versatile web development projects. He keeps exploring the needs and offers of the contemporary web design market to offer his clients the trendiest solutions.

Dan Bratford

Web Designer

Dan is Brian’s best friend, who helped him develop the idea of their own web studio. Today, he works as a web designer and has impressive experience in software and website development. Dan’s knowledge, expertise and the sense of responsibility have made him one of the best web design specialists working for the company.

Stephanie Padman

PR Manager

Stephanie is the PR Manager of the company. She is responsible for controlling the process of project development. Currently, she works remotely from her home, because she has two little kids. This, however, does not prevent her from fulfilling her job responsibilities on the top notch level.

Craig Beggs

Creative Director

Craig holds the position of the Creative Director at Trilobite Software. He previously worked in one of the local web design studios and this experience helps him hope with his current job duties in the best way possible. Craig is cheerful and open-hearted. His keen sense of humor helps him find smart ways out of different situations.

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